Skiing in Carinthia

DCIM100MEDIAWe just came back from skiing, something most Austrians do in February. As it was much too warm in the west and no snow in the east, we followed the snow south to Carinthia. There is nothing comparable than to trudge through snow-covered mountains and enjoy the silence in the mountain snowfall, when the snowflakes drift gently and quietly float from the sky. 

DCIM100MEDIANo cars, no dirty air, no bustle, but instead an indescribable peace. On the mountain you can perfectly relax. The sun on the mountain and the reflective snow makes you forget the gray days in the city. It’s great fun gliding down the slopes, either on skis, cross-country skis, snowboards or toboggans. Certainly you might just as well go for a walk or take a snowshoe hike.

DCIM100MEDIASo we stayed up the mountain at Gerlitzen, a family ski resort with many different slopes. There are three big hotels up the mountain, which are located directly on the slopes: Sonnenresort Gerlitzen, Feuerberg and Pacheiner. We had our hotel pick us up at the train station in Villach, because we didn’t want to go up the mountain by car and use the snow chains.

DCIM100MEDIA This year your best bet is to go to Carinthia or East Tyrol because they got plenty of snow. Check that your ski resort is high enough as this winter is one of the warmest ever. You can certainly go skiing until Easter on the glaciers. You don’t know how to ski? No problem, you can learn it within 3 days or get your money back at Ski Amadé. So what are you waiting for? Book your next holiday in the fresh mountain air. 🙂

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