Top LAC 22 – SchlossORTH National Park Center

2013-10-20 16.28.42schlossORTH National Park Center
Betty Bernstein will visit her friends in the National Park. During a tour with the National Park rangers on the castle island, the  Au adventure area of schlossORTH National Park Centre, Betty Bernstein meets her friends Emy, Esox and Aesculapius. Children love the underwater observatory watching animals in the pond. The festival takes place in any weather! Call for guided tours in English: 02212 3555.

Date: 20 July 2014/ 2 pm
Location: ORTH National Park Center

Schlossinsel_Newman3The multimedia exhibition “Donauraeume” will bring you through unconventional approaches closer to the fascinating world of the Danube wetlands. On the castle island children can experience the flora and fauna of the wetlands. With a map with English explanations they will find their way to the different discovery stations and watch the snakes, turtles, storks and ground squirrels.

Suitable for Kids: 8/10
English availability: 4/5

Access by public transport:   4.5/5 (bus from Vienna goes straight to Schloss Orth)


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