Advent at Museumsquartier

weihnachten_neu_widgetAdvent at Museumsquartier
The MQ courtyard 2 turns into a pre-Christmas adventure oasis for kids and families: the Dschungel theater and the Zoom children’s museum offer events and a small ice-rink for children on weekends, while Halle E presents Scrooge on 4 – 6 December.
Date: 19 November – 24 December 2015
Location: Museumsquartier, Courtyard 2

LisztäffchenJuttaKirchnerAqua Terra Zoo: Liszt monkey babies
The tamarin group in Krokipark has young again. The two sweet babies snuggle still close to mom and dad, but they are now so large that you can see it. Tamarins are among the most endangered marmosets with perhaps even a few thousand copies in the wild. They live on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
Location: Haus des Meeres

More Animals

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