Christmas Holiday Game

Layout 1WienXtra Holiday Game
The Holiday Game offers fun and city excitement for all children spending their holidays in Vienna. Have a great time playing, doing handicrafts, exploring the city, visiting theaters, cinemas or museums, doing sports and partying.
Date: 24 December 2015 – 6 January 2016

A-PassNo way to be bored during school holidays!
WienXtra holiday fun with Holli Knolli! For the winter, midterm and summer holidays, there are ferienspiel passes full of program for children. The holiday programs are mainly aimed for children aged 6-13. For discounts every child needs a pass. The ferienspiel-passes are distributed at all schools in Vienna for free and are available in the wienXtra kinderinfo at Museumsquartier. Registration starts on 19 December 2015.

kinderaktiv-Programm TitelblattwienXtra-kinderaktiv age 0-13
The monthly program for children up to 13. In the children activity brochure you will find every month (September-June age 0-13, July/ August: age 0-6) exciting leisure activities for children in Vienna.
Order your activity card for free!

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