Family Exhibitions

Stormtrooper-1200x750Star Wars Identities
A highly interactive and exciting exhibition is in the Vienna galaxy with STAR WARS Identities to present 200 impressive original objects from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art only until 16 April 2016 at the MAK. Don’t miss this multi-media identity quest to find out: What Forces shape you?

Plastik J.J.kucekZOOM Children’s Museum
At ZOOM Children’s Museum the hands-on-exhibition “plastic” about how we can live with plastics in an environmentally friendly way, suitable for children between the ages of 6 – 12, is still ongoing until 4 September 2016. The museum offers also the Zoom Ocean, a play area for children aged 8 months to 6 years.

Inventar 1938 TmWVienna Technical Museum
A database on vehicles looted by the Nazis gives visitors an opportunity to carry out some investigative research of their own  in the exhibition “Inventory No. 1938” at the Vienna Technical Museum. Different guided tours and workshops for kids aged 4 and up are offered as well as family tours exploring electricity.

csm_Wenn-ich-gross-bin_Kindermuseum_c_SKB_41374c43ffImperial children
To mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph several exhibitions with various children’s tours will take place. In the Children’s Museum of the Schönbrunn Palace, there are weekend family tours “When I grow up, I’ll be Emperor”. In the Wagenburg, children can take part in the free tour “Suddenly Emperor”. In Niederweiden castle there is a children’s tour on the subject, too.

More museums for children

Please let us know of any exhibitions or workshops your children enjoyed and you can recommend.

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