Family Summer Festivals

lavendelLavender Days
Besides Lavender exotic animals and plants await you in the Palm House. The Botanical Gardens offer also every Sunday and Thursday summer workshops and guided tours.
Date: 18+19+25+26 June 2016
Location: Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens

7890_Sommerfest14_folge1Lobau Summer Party
Small and large guests experience the creative and interactive stations with children’s programs and information booths and learn much more perplexing facts about the Danube floodplainsand most of all – about its inhabitants, the wild animals. Free admission.
Date: 18 June 2016/ 10 am – 6 pm
Location: Lobau National Park House

Westernzug NÖVOGTrain Robbery
Do you wanna be robbed on a train by Cowboys? Take a ride on
the Waldviertel steam locomotive and experience a Wild West atmosphere through the north woods. Spectacular Western robbery at Brand.
Western outfit desirable for passengers!
Date: 19 June 2016, 10.00 am
Location: Waldviertelbahn, Gmuend

Also this weekend: Water Festival and Bicycle Picnic

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