Danube Island Festival

(c) DonauinselfestEurope’s biggest free open-air festival, the Donauinselfest, is taking place on the Danube Island from 24 to 26 June 2016. Over 2,000 artists offer live music on 19 themed stages: pop, rock, hits, Latin, soul, jazz, blues, hip hop, electronic, hard rock and more. The giant open-air spectacle serves up internationally successful musicians like Bob Geldorf, Dinosaur JR. and others.

Familieninsel-Foto-c-Andreas-Urban-750x393The stages no. 12 Eskimo/Kinderfreunde Insel and no. 14 Schoeller Family Insel near U1 are the main spots for families. When accompanied by children try to be there on Friday or around noon on Saturday and Sunday when it’s not as crowded as in the evenings.
Program –   Free Admission!

Program Folder

Lageplan  See more

Also this weekend: Buergeralpe Summer Opening  + Children’s Flea Market

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1 Response to Danube Island Festival

  1. Elisabeth K says:

    After the mesmerising success of the Danube Island Festival 2017, the dates for this year´s summer festival No. 1 has been published;

    The 34th Donauinselfest, Europe´s biggest open-air festival with free admission, runs from 23 rd to 25 th of June 2017 at Vienna, Austria.

    location: Danube Island – Vienna Austria, Nordbrücke to Reichsbrücke
    Organizer: SPÖ Wien http://www.wien.spoe.at
    WEB: https://donauinselfest.at
    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Donauinselfest
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/inselfest

    First news regarding line-up, Rock The Island Contest and more, will be announced at 05th April 2017.

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