Top 28 LAC 163 – Haag Zoo

DCIM100MEDIATierpark Stadt Haag
From 1973,
the castle park of the castle Salaberg was made ​​available to the public as a zoo. The Haag Zoo is located in a 33 ha forest with many very old trees and 700 animals and is pleasantly cool in summer (Schoenbrunn Zoo has 8500 animals on 17 ha land). In the recent past, the zoo is becoming increasingly important for the conservation of endangered animals like china leopards, Chapman zebras and jackdaws.

DCIM100MEDIAThere are several ponds for water birds and one  is a fishing pond. Along the birdsong way children learn to distinguish the individual birds by the sound of bird songs. Children like to buy feed bags and touch some of the animals while feeding. The zoo offers many animal species and two adventure playgrounds with buffet.

Enclosure map

Suitable for Kids: 10/10
English availability: 1/5
(only the name of the animals in English)
Access by public transport: 2.5/5 (direct train to Haag, then taxi or sporadic bus )



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