Top 34 LAC 207 + 208 – Buchenberg Nature Park

CAM00179The Naturpark Buchenberg is right in the city Waidhofen / Ybbs. Visitors can expect extensive hiking trails in deciduous and mixed forests with observation tower and many shelter huts. Interesting is the deer park with mostly native wild animals, the forest adventure trail, the active rear trail, the adventure playground with plants labyrinth, Indian Village, barbecue and the climbing park.

P1020342Buchenberg Zoo
The animal park has many well-known, and less well-known, local animals both wild and domestic: a w
olf area, a turtle and snake area, a deer park with large area for domestic animals, an information centre in the Nature Park House, a Lynx and wildcat area, a forest-school with wide range of guided tours, multisensory educational paths and a Jaga steep path.

P1020330Ossis’ forest home with special owl enclosure is unique in its kind in Europe. Visitors can move freely among the owls and watch them close in their natural environment. Tawny Ossi introduces its “Wild Friends the other wild animals, and his family” the other owls to visitors, e. g. with a game of animal sounds and animal silhouettes, a maze or with animal track guessing.

CAM00190Forest Climbing Park
Visitors can prove their talent in Austria’s largest forest climbing park with 9 different courses and over 90 stations. For the absolute highlight it provides a Flying Fox trailwith 10 stations. Highly trained climbing guides insure the safety and a great, organized sequence of the individual course. An unforgettable adventure for all ages, with different levels of difficulty for families.

Overview Animal Park

Suitable for Kids: 9/10 (puzzle book, large playground)
English availability: 3/5
(animal names in English, English explanation of climbing garden possible)
Access by public transport: 3/5 (train to Waidhofen/Ybbs + city train)


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