LAC 126 – Marchegg Castle

P1010902Marchegg  Castle is one of the four Marchfeld Castles. The Marchfeld Schloesserreich – a region rich in castles – is the link between the metropolitan areas of Vienna and Bratislava.  In 2010, municipal authorities organised the exhibition “This is (a) good country” in order to depict the historic development of the city Marchegg. It was augmented by the special exhibition “Experiencing the Wetlands” with an adventure flood plain area for children.

P1010878Ottokar II of Bohemia founded the city of Marchegg following his victory against Béla IV of Hungary. With three city gates, the castle and a huge main square, Marchegg was designed to be an important gathering spot for military troops in campaigns attacking the East. Around 1640, Paul Pálffy ab Erdöd rebuilt the complex as a moated castle.  Later it served as royal seat and hunting lodge. Popular guests included Emperor Joseph II and Maria Theresa.

P1010887Europe’s largest stork colony
Every year around the end of March, 70 to 100 storks arrive in Marchegg to breed and raise their young until August. From the levee directly behind Schloss Marchegg, birdwatchers have an ideal panoramic view of Europe’s largest colony of tree-nesting white storks. The WWF Stork House organizes guided tours twice a day and gives you an insight look into a stork’s nest.

Excursion Program                Video

Suitable for Kids: 8/10 (children tours; outdoor playground and stork ranger pass)
English availability: 3/5 (English guided tours by appointment only)
Access by public transport: 3/5 (direct train to Marchegg + next bike or bus (4 km)

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