Top 17 LAC 118 Brandner Cruise + Top 22 LAC 130 Melk Abbey

P1020929Melk Abbey is one of the biggest and most beautiful European Baroque ensembles. Its splendid architecture is famous worldwide and part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. Stift Melk is a Benedictine abbey above the town of Melk, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river, adjoining the Wachau valley. The abbey has the tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau and the remains of members of the House of Babenberg, Austria’s ruling dynasty.

P1020943Visit to the abbey
The abbey museum tells the monastery’s 900-years history in a modern way. The Marble Hall and the Library with about 10,000 books are masterpieces of Baroque interior design. The balcony in between offers visitors an excellent view of the Danube. The crowning point of the visit is the abbey church which is among the most beautiful Baroque churches in the world.

P1020952Abbey Park
“The Garden of Paradise” where something fragrant, medicinal or blossoming is growing all year round has been replanted according to plans by Walahfrid Strabo (9th century). A “jardin méditerrranéen” with a view of the Danube valley and 250-year-old linden trees present itself to the visitor. The garden pavilion with Baroque frescoes serves as a café.

5ab621e773Top 17 Brandner Wachau Cruise
Once in Melk you could just take as well a voyage on a ship to Krems. Glide on the gentle waves of great river Danube and experience the many sights of the Wachau (announcements in four languages). A special offer for families is the short Wachau Cruise from Krems. Kids have a cozy playing corner and get a big pirate ship for tinkering, painting and taking it home.
Brandner Cruise Program

 Video clip Melk Abbey     –  Video clip Baroque Music Days

Suitable for Kids: 2/10 (big garden)
English availability: 4/5 (English brochure, English tours twice a day)
Access by public transport: 4.5/5 (direct train to Melk +15 min walk)

Melk Abbey (LAC  130) and Brandner Wachau Cruises (LAC 118) are also one of the Top destinations in Lower Austria and there is no admission (applies only to cruises in April and October) when using the Lower Austria Card (LAC).

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