Top 23 LAC 132 Carnuntum Archaeological Park

DCIM100MEDIAOpen Air Museum Petronell
The ancient city of Carnuntum covered an area of about 10 sq. kilometers. Roughly 1700 years ago, Carnuntum staged an event that was to have a significant impact on the world: In late fall of 308 AD, three Roman emperors gathered in Carnuntum to consult about the future of the Roman Empire. The results of this Emperors’ Conference were partly responsible for the triumphal progress of Christianity and thus our western culture.

DCIM100MEDIACarnuntum has been reborn
The center of Carnuntum was the military camp which was erected in the middle of the 1st century AD.  A civilian settlement, the canabae legionis, grew up around the military camp. Uniquely throughout the world, the major types of Roman architecture have been reconstructed in Carnuntum’s city quarter: a citizen’s house, a splendid mansion and public baths.

DCIM100MEDIAThe reconstructions are not fictitious sets or museum objects, but functional buildings that can actually be lived in. All three buildings have been equipped with Roman underfoot heating systems, fully functioning kitchens and furniture. Layouts and decorative details refer to a single era thus vividly re-enacting the first five decades of the 4th century AD. Until today wine is cultivated here and the Rubin Carnuntum is well-known.
Orientation map Carnuntum

Suitable for Kids: 7/10 (big playground, they can inspect the houses)
English availability: 4/5
(English/German brochure, English tours are available on request)
Access by public transport: 4.5/5 (direct train S7 to Carnuntum-Petronell (1 hour) + 10 min. walk or rent a next bike)



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