Top 39 UnterWasserReich + Top 46 Kaesemacherwelt

DCIM100MEDIAWe had a lovely trip to the forest area again. First we went to Schrems for hiking on the Moor Trail showing stations with English explanations about the Mire in the Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems with its visitor’s center UnterWasserReich (LAC 53) housing an exhibition and otters. On half way you reach the Stairway to Heaven, an observation tower with a marvelous view. At Restaurant Grossmann in Heidenreichstein try the regional carp.

DCIM100MEDIAFortified by lunch, we visited the local cheese factory Die Kaesemacherwelt (LAC 20) and learned how to make cheese from goat, sheep and cow’s milk.  Guided tours are only in German, but you can see and understand how the cheese is made and try yourself.  Of course we had to taste the different cheeses and because it was so good, we bought poppy seed cheese, peppers filled with cream cheese and delicious soft Camembert.

DCIM100MEDIAOn your way to Prague, let the kids have a break at the Kaesemacher’s playground. While you rest on the terrace you can watch the kids play with the animals: rabbits, goats, sheep and ponies. After too much celebrating you might wanna stay overnight at JUFA Raabs/Thaya.
Suitable for Kids:
English available: 2/5

Access by public transport: 1/5



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