LAC 4 – Armschlag Poppy Village

DCIM100MEDIAPoppy Festivals
Take a walk to the blooming poppy fields surrounding the poppy village. The poppy flower is a great photo opportunity for photographers. The poppy village will provide food and drinks as well as folk dance and folk music. The little train “Mohnexpress” will take you to the poppy fields.
Date: 3rd Sunday in July and September
Location: Mohndorf Armschlag

DCIM100MEDIAThe poppy village is certainly worth a visit if you love poppies. The host Mohnwirt has the best poppy delicacies we have ever tasted: meat or fish in poppy breading, poppy dumplings, the famous poppy cream cake and a heavenly poppy vanilla liqueur or poppy ice-cream.
There is a poppy trail, a poppy garden and a poppy farm shop. Every day at 1.30 pm you can see a short film about the poppy village.

logo_mohndorf_gr For children there is a playground and a poppy treasure map for exploring the village. English tours can be booked in advance.

Suitable for Kids: 3/10
English availability: 1/5

Access by public transport:   0/5 (can’t be reached on weekends)

Video Clip


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