Top Austrian Abbeys

16_08_eroeffnungskonzert__6_neuTop 1 LAC 1 – Altenburg Abbey
Numerous concerts as part of Allegro Vivo will be held in the library of the monastery Altenburg, an architectural masterpiece with inspiring Paul Troger frescoes. Delicate colours (white, blue, red and gold) harmonize perfectly with the monumental ceiling frescoes. In the Garden of Religions” Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are presented.

P1030003Top 2 LAC 13 – Geras Abbey
Founded in 1153, the basilica with its Romanesque core was constructed from 1725 in bright baroque style. Visit also the monastic herb garden of the herbs pastors Hermann-Josef Weidinger and Benedict Felsinger. The marble hall with one of the largest cantilevered wooden ceilings from the 18th century and the ceiling fresco by Paul Troger are some of the highlights.

P1030726Top 17 LAC 112 – Goettweig Abbey
The spectacular site on the Goettweig hill on the eastern edge of the world-famous Danube valley of the Wachau has earned the abbey the nickname Austria`s Monte Cassino. In 1094 the first Benedictine monks arrived at the Augustinian canonry founded in 1083. The abbey church and the monumental imperial staircase with a ceiling fresco by Paul Troger are among the most memorable sights.

CAM00291Top 7 LAC 63 – Zwettl Abbey
The organ on the western gallery of the Collegiate Church, which is the focus of the music festival, was completed by Johann Ignaz Egedacher 1731Architecturally it is the counterpart to the Baroque high altar. Symmetrical to the pulpit the choir organ was built by Johann Dejobe (de Moyse) in 1726/27. After a flood in 2002 the church was renovated.

P1030081Top 5 – Castle Rosenburg
The medieval base of Rosenburg originated in the 12th century. Towards the end of the 16th century the structure was transformed into a Renaissance castle. In 1809 a fire destroyed parts of the castle. Through the initiative of the Dukes Hoyos-Spritzenstein, who are still the owners of the castle today, Rosenburg was reconstructed. Today several Medieval festivals and eagle shows take place during the year.

Video Clip Waldviertel

All Abbeys belong to the Top destinations in Lower Austria and there is no admission (it does not apply to Castle Rosenburg) when using the Lower Austria Card (LAC).


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