Top 43 LAC 274 – Rax Cable Car

P1020793Rax Cable Car
The Rax Cable Car, which is the first aerial ropeway in Austria, takes you to the high plateau of the Rax Alp, at 1.546m above sea level, within eight minutes. You get off the cabin. You take a deep breath and you clearly feel what you have missed: Freshness. The air is simply so different up here and every tree, even every blade of grass seems to bear this energy within it. The plateau invites you to go for trouble-free high walking tours.

P1020800Hut Hopping at the Rax Alp
This tour starts at the mountain inn via the “Praterstern”, going on to the “Ottohaus”, and the “Seeweg” to the “Seehütte”. From there, you will walk to the “Waxriegelhaus”, down to the “Preiner Gscheid”. You’ll get your hiking passports in all the huts, and you’ll get the hiking pin as well as the corresponding map at the tourism office in Reichenau  and at the mountain inn “Preiner Gscheid”.  Hiking Map

Part of Vienna’s drinking water originates in this area. The spring zone of the First Vienna Spring Water Main comprises the mountains Schneeberg, Rax and Schneealpe. The waterworks museum in Kaiserbrunn is open from May to October. Children can learn much about water and life in the forest along the nature trail. In Edlach, a monument shows where Theodor Herzl died.

Suitable for Kids: 4/10 (two small playgrounds, nature trail Kaiserbrunn)
English availability: 2/5
(guided tours in English by appointment only)
Access by public transport:  4/5 (direct train to Payerbach-Reichenau + bus)

Films:     Rax Cable Car        Water for Vienna


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