Top 38 LAC 236 – Klosterneuburg Monastery

CAM00236The founding legend
The Babenberg Margrave Leopold III. and his wife Agnes founded the pen as a religious and cultural center in 1114. The legend has it that a gust of wind snatched Agnes her bridal veil. The search was unsuccessful, whereupon Leopold III. promised to build a monastery, where the veil would be found. The veil can be seen in the treasury of the pin, which is open for visitors.

CAM00243Guided tours
Klosterneuburg monastery offers tours with audio-guide on several topics. The Sacred Tour highlights the spiritual tradition of the pin, the Imperial tour traces the ambitious project of the Austrian Escorial“, and in the wine cellar tour, the big story and precious presence of the largest and oldest winery in Austria is revealed. In 2011 the Treasury was made publicly available.

CAM00240Wine Estate
Top vineyard sites in four different wine villages, one of the most fascinating cellars in Austria, an unbroken wine growing tradition for nearly 900 years and quality without compromise are the attributes of the Stift Klosterneuburg winery since its foundation in the year 1114. With a total vineyard area of 108 hectares, it also counts among the most famous wineries in the country.

Suitable for Kids: 4/10 (audio-guided tours for children in English, small play-ground)
English availability: 4/5
(audio-guided tours in 14 languages)
Access by public transport:   4.5/5 (bus 237 or 239 from Heiligenstadt + 5 min walk)




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