Top 11 LAC 82 + 83 – Maissau Amethyst World

Leuchtende Steine_3 © G. NymanThe tour of the Maissau Amethyst World will lead you to the Amethyst pavilion and back into the history of amethyst. Maissau not only has one of the largest amethyst in Europe, but also the world’s largest accessible Amethyst tunnel! The special exhibition 2016 Secret Lights – the secret of luminous stones, the largest mineral UV show in Europe will be shown in the precious stone house.

ParkJewelry workshop & Amethyst Park
Once a month, lapidary and goldsmith show their art and also offer makeovers, repairs and cleaning of jewelry including expert advice on all jewelry and gemstone questions. The amethyst running under the garden in a natural vein, lets the available energy flow in many places

EH_Mineralien2Children’s Pleasure
In the treasure burial ground in the forest arena some treasure hunters are rewarded for their hard work with especially beautiful amethysts! Next to the adventure playground is the spacious ball court. You can borrow balls at site. During a tour children experience an exciting puzzles search with their riddle-book.


Suitable for Kids: 6/10 (treasure burial ground, riddle-book and play ground)
English availability: 2/5
( English guided tours available by appointment only or get an English text for the German tour)
Access by public transport:  4/5 (direct bus from Praterstern + 13/20 min. walk on Sunday afternoon)

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