Top 3 LAC 66 + 85 -MAMUZ

P1030592MAMUZ Adventure Museum
The MAMUZ museum of prehistory  sees itself as an adventure museum and centre of knowledge. “40,000 years of the human race” is the guiding principle which is seen at both MAMUZ locations. In Asparn/Zaya the ancient history can be seen at the archaeological open-air site. In Mistelbach new exhibitions each year show highlights from these eras.

P1030610MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya
In Asparn/Zaya the full extent of prehistory can be seen with original items and historical residential, farming and trade buildings at the archaeological open-air site. Inside the castle the exhibition invites visitors of all ages to experience history at interactive stations – seeing, for example, how tricky it is to make a copy of a longhouse in miniature form.

StonehengeMAMUZ Museum Mistelbach
In 2016 MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach, is presenting a comprehensive exhibition about the fascinating cult complex Stonehenge.  Directly behind the museum the theme trail Dionysosweg leads through fields, vineyards and cattle pastures, past goats, geese, ducks and cattle to give a view of the Mistelbach landscape. Picnic bags with local products can be ordered.

LAC 67 – Zayataler Schienentaxi
Once you are in Mistelbach and possibly visited the MAMUZ and the Michael Jackson statue, you might want to take the rail taxi to Asparn/Zaya (station at Interspar) to visit the second MAMUZ. The 20-minute drive through the fields it’s fun not only for the children. If you like to pedal, you could then also do a trolley tour from Asparn/ Zaya to Ernstbrunn.

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Suitable for Kids: 8/10 (outdoor playground, interactive stations and a puzzle book)
English availability: 4/5 (English guided tours by appointment only, German/English/ Czech descriptions)
Access by public transport: 4/5 (direct train to Mistelbach + rail taxi  to Asparn/Zaya)

The MAMUZ Museum is also one of the Top destinations in Lower Austria and there is no admission when using the Lower Austria Card (LAC).