Top 13 LAC 95 – Retz Adventure Cellar

g19-keller2Retz Adventure Cellar
Austria’s most historic and largest wine cellar is an underground labyrinth. It is 21 km long and up to 25 m deep.  Since the founding of the city in 1279 the Retz citizens buried their most precious treasure in the 30 m thick layer of marine sand  the Retz wine. The guided tour of the cellar experience includes a short main square tour and a wine tasting at the end.

State Treaty WineThe tour takes you one km trough the tunnels and showed us the history of wine and the importance of wine for the wealth of Retz. Don’t forget a jacket, because the temperature in the cellar is around 10°C. There are English audio-guides available and special evening tours can be booked. In December there is even a Christmas market on three floors (Retz experience basement, main square, town hall). 

Suitable for Kids: 2/10 (Children can clamber into an empty wine barrel)
English availability: 3.5/5
(brochure and audio-guides in English)
Access by public transport: 4.5/5 (train to Retz + 8 min. walk)


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